Many people that are considered over weight often are reluctant to do exercise and most of the time are caught up with the lazy kind of life style. No matter their lifestyle, sometimes they can help but ask the question, “ what is the best and quickly way to lose weight with diet alone.” well in simple terms they are asking how can i lose without exercise? If you had asked me this question two days ago i would say no but know after getting to know the three week diet plan i so positive it possible. 
The three week diet plan is the way. It is based on speeding up weight loss by changing just your eating. This doesn't rule out importance of exercise but sometimes life can get hectic and we just need to focus on one area, diet. If you would like to learn how to get faster fat loss results then I invite you to take a minute to read this article and after check out the three week diet plan.
Some of the ways the three week diet plan is the best and quickly way to lose weight
It advises to eat fewer or no carbs in the evening. This is is an important way for the body to burn body fat. The explanation of this is simple, when carbs are available the body burns them for energy and neglects other forms of energy – i.e. body fat. By limiting or removing them from your diet in the evenings make the body break down fat for energy one will lose weight quickly
Adding some protein to every meal. Protein is important due to the fact that it breaks down making you feel full longer. The other advantage of protein is that it limits blood sugar levels by stimulating the release of glucogen. Glucagon is a hormone that helps prevents the body from turning blood sugar into fat.
I think i have just given you a preview of the three week diet. This plan has helped many people and you are the only one lagging behind. Its not late, find out more as to why the three week diet plan is the best and quickly way to lose weight but just following this link here. Good luck.

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